Satellite Broadband





Max Download Speed ^

7 Mbps

10 Mbps

10 Mbps

Max Upload Speed
1 Mbps
1 Mbps
1 Mbps
Monthly Data Allowance
15 GB
20 GB
30 GB
Night-time Traffic Discount
Set Up Fee
Price per month.

Connect packages available to new customers only.
For a limited time only Digiweb are offering an exclusive deal to new and existing Satellite broadband customers. If you opt to transfer your home phone service to Digiweb not only will you save up to 85% on your call costs we will also reduce your Satellite broadband subscription by €5 per month saving you a guaranteed €60 per year. Changing your home phone to Digiweb is quick and easy, simply register your interest here or call us today on 1800 28 58 28 and we'll take care of everything for you.

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How much data do I need? Digiweb Tooway satellite broadband packages all have the same speeds, but each package comes with a different amount of monthly data allowance. The amount of data you will use depends on the type of service you’re accessing, as well as how rich the content is. Learn more >>

> Terms & Conditions:
*Speeds quoted are "up to" and may vary depending on network usage. 24 month contract applies. Cancellation fees are remainder of contract. No downgrades allowed within contract. Equipment remains the property of Digiweb and will be de-installed should customer cancel.
Prices effective 1st August 2015.

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