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Introducing the Digiweb Utility Cloud

The Digiweb Utility Cloud is a revolutionary new way of using servers for your IT and web needs. We free you from the old model of using IT – this is the 21st century model of computing. Concentrate on your business – and take your IT for granted.

Select a service

Select a service offering and size

Cloud servers are made up from a service offering, which determines the amount of processing power and memory available and a disk offering, allowing you to choose the level of storage needed by each server. Our offerings range from entry level all the way up to multiple cores with dozens of GB of RAM.

Select your OS

Select your OS or application

We make a range of operating systems and applications available for you to use with your cloud servers. However, you may also upload an ISO file of a custom operating system or application and boot a cloud server from that. Once you’ve configured a server the way you wish, you can save an image of that server for use as a future template.

Server online in minutes

Server is online in minutes

It typically takes minutes to deploy a server from a template, either via our web interface or via our restful API. Once online, servers can have more or less resources added to it on demand, giving you full cost control.

Key Features

  • Provision what you need when you need it.
  • Scale CPU, RAM and storage within seconds, on demand.
  • Self provisioning web panel and API.
  • Pay for what you use, no hidden charges.
  • Choose from a range of application stacks.
  • Enable high availability for important apps.

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